Best Scrambled Eggs if you ask me!

When living in Los Angeles there is an overflow with brunch spots, but sometimes the best  breakfast is made at home. I’ve always made scrambled eggs by mixing eggs, milk and spices together, adding them to the pan and string until right consistency is reached. But this past weekend I decided to google some “scrambled eggs” recipes, and came across this highly viewed video by Gordon Ramsay (see below).

I decided to follow his step by step instructions, and can I just tell you.. WOW! We had the best scrambled eggs I’ve ever made at home and I will never go back to my old ways again.

You can either watch the video for instructions, or keep reading for the simple steps to recreating the perfect scrambled eggs…


Step 1. Crack 3-4 eggs directly into a non sticky sauce pan and add 1 table spoon of butter.

Step 2. With stove on medium heat, use a spatula to stir the eggs and keep staring them continuously.

Step 3. After a minute or so, start taking the pan off the stove for 30 seconds and then back on to the stove for 30 seconds, and keep going back and forth while still stirring the eggs.

Step 4. When the eggs are almost ready, take the sauce pan off the stove completely and let the heat from the pan cook the eggs the final few minutes. Here you will add 1-2 table spoon sour creme, as well as salt and pepper, and mix it all in.

Step 5. Final step, chop some green onions and add them on top of the eggs.

I give this recipe a 5 out of 5, and so did my boyfriend!



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