IKEA Vittsjo Hack – Marble Adhesive Film & Gold Spray DIY

Something I really love is when you can take an inexpensive furniture and transform it to look more “wow” and expensive. Also I’m a sucker for any type of DIY’s.

A year ago or so I came across this amazing thing called Marble Adhesive Paper and since then I’ve transformed not one, not two, but THREE furniture pieces in our apartment. So I thought I would share one of the “makeovers” with you guys.

All you will need is Gold Spray and Marble Adhesive Paper (click for Amazon links), and of course a piece of furniture – I got the VITTSJO Shelf Unite from IKEA to revamp.


1. Assemble the shelf completely, but leave out the glass and wood shelfs from each level. Take the metallic gold spray and spray the metallic frame of the shelf, you will need to do a few layers for the gold to really “pop”. I went over with the gold spray twice.

2. Measure out the adhesive marble paper to match the two wooden shelfs (the top and bottom one). Start at one end and slowly peel away the backing from the marble paper, make sure to smooth out any air bubbles that might appear as you go. I used a kitchen towel to smooth and press out any air bubbles.

3. Place the glass and wooden shelves back, and voila there you have your revamped IKEA Vittsjo shelf unit.

Extra: I decided to keep the glass shelves as is, because I like the look of it, but you could easily go ahead and cover each level with marble paper.


Started collecting wine corks for hopefully a future DIY project.

Dried roses that I’ve gotten from my boyfriend, one from each bouquet.


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