Fall Pumpkin Flower Decoration – Michael’s DIY

I love decorating for October the second most, after Christmas of course, and this year I did a fall bouquet that both incorporated flowers, pumpkins and the signature color orange.

I wanted to share with you how I made this flower arrangement and where I got all my supplies from (only one store) to make your project easy and fun.

First and only store you will have to go to is Michael’s or a similar arts and crafts store. And below are the following items and tools you will need.

Fake/plastic flower bouquets

Wire cutter

Green floral foam blocks 

Pumpkin shaped basket (or a simple basket will due)

>Step one – Each flower bouquet will be bound together at the bottom, and what you will want to do is to cut each flower stem lose. Try to cut the stems off to keep as much length to them as possible.

>Step two – Take the foam cubes and start cutting and shaping them to fit into the pumpkin basket. You will want to cover the entire insides of the basket, and save 1 inch of space from the edge.

>Step three – Now for the fun part. Take each flower stem and start placing it and piercing it through the foam to the desired spot in the basket. Use your artsy gene and imagination and place each flower where you see an empty hole or spot, until you’ve filled the entire basket up and can’t see any glimpse of the green foam.


As much as we all love fresh flowers, I think these fake flowers from Michael’s look very realistic and they will save you so much money as you will be able to bring out this pumpkin flower decoration each year!

If you end up finding this post inspiring or fun, please give this post a like and leave a comment! I’m still new to this blogger community and welcome all sorts of feedback!



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