Easy Weekday Dinner Idea

Even though I sometimes like to go all out on a weekday, just to make it feel a little bit special and luxurious, I of course prefer an easy recipe 9 times out of 10. As was the case today. Both my boyfriend and I were looking at each other after work and wondering if we should go the lazy route and order take out, or actually cook something. I flipped through pinterest for a few minutes and came across these two recipes. Seemed easy enough and we already had more than half of the ingredients at home – sweet!

The Greek Beef Patties turned out so freakin’ yummy, all those spices that you mix in and the feta cheese really adds so much flavor. So definitely follow the recipe to the T – you won’t regret it!

Italian Roasted Potatoes: www.asamalaysia.com/italian-roasted-potatoes/2/

Greek Beef Patties: www.reciperunner.com/greek-meatballs-tzatziki-sauce/


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