Needy plant coming alive time-lapse

I have to share this time-lapse that I created yesterday. My big plant is very needy – as soon as it needs water it starts to look “sad” (as I call it). Once I water it, it literally just takes 30-40 minutes for it go back to its original state. So I decided to capture it on video and it turned out pretty cool.


Santa Barbara Getaway, Wine Tasting and Dog Beach.

Another Sunday and time to get a little personal here on the blog. This weekend we drove down to Santa Barbara to spend a night at a few friends house, and really made the most out of our 24h down there.

First out we got lunch at a local spot, then went to Pali Wine Co. tasting room and sipped on some yummy wines. As we all were still in the mood for more wine, we walked down to the pier and did some more tasting at Deep Sea Tasting Room – can highly recommend this spot!

Since we brought Merlin with us on the trip, our puggie, we decided to take him down to the Arroyo Burro dog beach and we timed it perfectly with a beautiful sunset.

Later that night we had a reservation at the newly opened tapas restaurant called Loquita, really good food, not too loud inside and cozy fireplace in the middle of the restaurant. We ended the night with beautiful drinks at this tiki bar next door called Ventiki Tiki Lounge and Lanai.

The next morning, which was today Sunday, we packed our bags and did one final stop at the dog beach before we drove back to Los Angeles. All in all a perfect little getaway!

Here comes a bunch of photos, mostly of Merlin lol, but I can’t help it, it’s just TOO CUTE!


Our host couple to the left and my boyfriend and I to the right.img_7605img_7613img_7420img_7410


Wine tasting while wrapped in blankets – perfect California fall activity in my opinion.

img_7630img_7632img_7429img_7639img_7450img_7460img_7442img_7436img_7439img_7729Dinner at Loquita


One last run on the beach before we drove back to LA! 


Stockholm AC & Brunch in front of Saturday Night Live

I think I might make Sunday’s the day of the week where I share some more personal details on the blog and some highlights from the weekend.

On Saturday my boyfriend and I had tickets to the first annual music festival called “Stockholm CA“. This is a festival with all Swedish artists, art, food and other sorts of entertainment, and since I’m Swedish this was just so much fun. They served imported Swedish beer “Pripps Bla”, treats such as “mazarin” and lots of great artists; Veronica Maggio, Icona Pop, Otto Knows and many more.


Today we started the morning off just right with homemade brunch and last nights episode of Saturday Night Live. This has somewhat become of a tradition in our house, breakfast & SNL on Sundays. My boyfriend and I were in the mood for slightly different things, so I made us each our own plate. It all turned out so yummy, and for the scrambled eggs I followed Gordon Ramsay’s recipe that I posted about a while back.


Processed with VSCO with s3 preset

Hope everyone is having a wonderful Sunday!

Fall Pumpkin Flower Decoration – Michael’s DIY

I love decorating for October the second most, after Christmas of course, and this year I did a fall bouquet that both incorporated flowers, pumpkins and the signature color orange.

I wanted to share with you how I made this flower arrangement and where I got all my supplies from (only one store) to make your project easy and fun.

First and only store you will have to go to is Michael’s or a similar arts and crafts store. And below are the following items and tools you will need.

Fake/plastic flower bouquets

Wire cutter

Green floral foam blocks 

Pumpkin shaped basket (or a simple basket will due)

>Step one – Each flower bouquet will be bound together at the bottom, and what you will want to do is to cut each flower stem lose. Try to cut the stems off to keep as much length to them as possible.

>Step two – Take the foam cubes and start cutting and shaping them to fit into the pumpkin basket. You will want to cover the entire insides of the basket, and save 1 inch of space from the edge.

>Step three – Now for the fun part. Take each flower stem and start placing it and piercing it through the foam to the desired spot in the basket. Use your artsy gene and imagination and place each flower where you see an empty hole or spot, until you’ve filled the entire basket up and can’t see any glimpse of the green foam.


As much as we all love fresh flowers, I think these fake flowers from Michael’s look very realistic and they will save you so much money as you will be able to bring out this pumpkin flower decoration each year!

If you end up finding this post inspiring or fun, please give this post a like and leave a comment! I’m still new to this blogger community and welcome all sorts of feedback!


IKEA Vittsjo Hack – Marble Adhesive Film & Gold Spray DIY

Something I really love is when you can take an inexpensive furniture and transform it to look more “wow” and expensive. Also I’m a sucker for any type of DIY’s.

A year ago or so I came across this amazing thing called Marble Adhesive Paper and since then I’ve transformed not one, not two, but THREE furniture pieces in our apartment. So I thought I would share one of the “makeovers” with you guys.

All you will need is Gold Spray and Marble Adhesive Paper (click for Amazon links), and of course a piece of furniture – I got the VITTSJO Shelf Unite from IKEA to revamp.


1. Assemble the shelf completely, but leave out the glass and wood shelfs from each level. Take the metallic gold spray and spray the metallic frame of the shelf, you will need to do a few layers for the gold to really “pop”. I went over with the gold spray twice.

2. Measure out the adhesive marble paper to match the two wooden shelfs (the top and bottom one). Start at one end and slowly peel away the backing from the marble paper, make sure to smooth out any air bubbles that might appear as you go. I used a kitchen towel to smooth and press out any air bubbles.

3. Place the glass and wooden shelves back, and voila there you have your revamped IKEA Vittsjo shelf unit.

Extra: I decided to keep the glass shelves as is, because I like the look of it, but you could easily go ahead and cover each level with marble paper.


Started collecting wine corks for hopefully a future DIY project.

Dried roses that I’ve gotten from my boyfriend, one from each bouquet.

Orange is the new black / Marble IKEA table hack

Fall might be my favorite season of the year, and what screams more fall or “pumpkin season” than the color orange. So for the next couple of months my motto is going to be “Orange is the new black”. Here’s a sneak peak of our coffee table. The orange roses I got from Michael’s and the lovely fruit bowl I found at IKEA and added some oranges to match the theme.


The coffee table is actually an IKEA hack project. Originally the table was just a plain white table from the LACK series for only $24.99 (steal!!!), but I bought a roll of self adhesive marble wallpaper and brass plated box corners to give it a little makeover. I think it turned out really clean and nice. Cheap and simple!

The brass plated box corners were so easy to screw into the table, that I’m considering revamping our nightstand tables as well. I love the feel and look of them, plus anything gold is welcome at my house! c78a1260